I have always been drawn to the aspect of human nature: where we process our experiences, take them in and reflect them back into the world. I want to explore what makes us tick, the things we fixate on, and the way we see ourselves; the things that make us real. Photography is a way for me to examine that and draw from the internal narratives of my subjects, as well as myself, in order to create images that ultimately bring the subject’s character to life. While I may use styling, environment and technique to enhance these stories, its always my goal to capture the moment’s true essence.

EVERY TWO WEEKS is a collection of over 220 instant film images shot during a two week period using two automatic Polaroid Land cameras. The images serve as visual diaries that detail my story for these 14 days and the stories of those I came into contact with. The two weeks represent a communal cycle of time in which most of us work and live. I liked the idea of using what some now consider an irrelevant photographic medium, to capture life’s one-of-a-kind moments, fleeting time and places. I wanted to explore the idea of how we spend our time in a way that was personal or felt intimate and possibly collapse the barrier between art and life by way of making art out of the lives we live instead of purposely living life out of which to make art.

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